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Guest Posting for SEO

Many bloggers today use guest posting to promote their blog. This is a great strategy because both the original blog owner and the guest poster are sharing their audiences with each other.

This is also great for SEO purposes. Having more links to your blog will help get you to the top of Google’s search results. But how do you even begin a guest post strategy?

If you don’t already interact with other blogs, start now. If you have favorite blogs, definitely comment on them often (but be honest and sincere – not a spammer with constant comments!). If you find blogs that are similar to yours, especially in the topics, also establish a relationship with them.

If your friends have blogs, arrange some post trading. While re-blogging content is okay, it’s better for both of you if you share original content.

Once you have established relationships with other bloggers, first ask them to be a guest poster on your blog. Send them a quick email or comment. You can tell them that you really liked their thoughts on a certain topic, and ask them to write a post for you expounding on that original post. Or maybe they could write a similar post, but from a different angle. For example, if one person has some really good thoughts on fishing, ask them to write about fishing specifically in your area. If someone writes about living on an extreme budget, ask them how they plan birthday parties with very few expenses. There’s lots of ways they can repurpose content for you. Or, they could write something completely brand new!

After they have successfully written a post for you, tell them that you would love to return the favor sometime. Even if a blogger doesn’t yet want a guest post from you, it is important to maintain any good relationships you’ve created. Remember how hard it was to get to this point?

When you’ve finally been asked to write a guest post to publish on someone else’s blog, make sure you do your best work. You definitely don’t want this debut to be a throwaway piece. Try to write about something similar to the topics you’ve written about before. This will not only give new reader’s a taste of what your blog is generally like, but will also create tons of backlink opportunities for you. Not know what “backlinking” is? Check out this very post. I’ve already inserted 3 different backlinks into the text. Can you find them? Look at the hyperlinks – the words underlined and turned blue. Now click on them. Did they take you to another website? If you mention another blog post in your guest post, make sure to include a hyperlink to it. This will increase traffic to your website, as well as help your SEO rankings.

If you don’t want to use your relationships to create guest posting opportunities, try a few different websites that will allow you to post your guest post to a directory. Then blog owners will be able to find your post and publish it to their website. This will draw in random viewers that would not normally be able to obtain. One such website isĀ http://myblogguest.com/, but there are many others!

So good luck with your guest posting strategy!