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Using Instagram Analytics

Many businesses these days are venturing into Instagram to promote their brand. This is most useful for companies that target younger audiences, sell clothing or similar products, or sell photography services. Lots of popular musicians and bands are also using Instagram. Actually, tons of restaurants and retail merchants use it, too – they ask customers to check in at their location, take pictures, tag their company, etc. Instagram is a great, free piece of mobile marketing that’s really easy to use, so why hasn’t your company boarded this train yet?

Once you’ve created an account and started posting, check out Instagram Analytics: http://simplymeasured.com/free-social-media-tools#report-170. (I linked back to this same site in my post about Twitter Analytics.) This website will generate an analytics report for you for free, but you do have to follow them on Twitter. Small price to pay, in my opinion.

Your report will look something like this:

It honestly doesn’t tell you a lot that you don’t already know, seeing how you can look at the pictures you’ve posted on your Instagram account and see how many interactions they’ve generated. But it does help to have it all graphed out and compared side-by-side. It does tell you the most popular post, the most popular location that you’ve posted at, and the most popular filter effect you’ve used. If you share your Instagram posts on Facebook and Twitter, it can also give you information about your post on those platforms.

The biggest difference between Facebook & Twitter Analytics and Instagram Analytics is that Facebook and Twitter can tell you how many people have seen your post, as well as interacted with it. When one person likes a picture or status on Facebook, or retweets a tweet on Twitter, it is shown on their profile where all of their friends can see it. Instagram does not have this option. Users can only see your posts if they are following you or if they are looking at the hashtag your picture happens to be listed under. Even then, those views are not tracked.

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