Why Your Business Needs a Blog

I guess this post comes a little late, since I already talked about guest posting techniques for your blog. I should have started out with this post. But oh well! Better late than never.

One of the ways that SEO works is that your website will be more optimized with unique content. Having something new to post regularly will refresh your website and keep it relevant. It will also help you in terms of keywords. The more you write about topics relevant to your business, the more you will show up when those keywords are searched for on Google. It also has the added bonus of making you appear to be an expert in your field. If you share your blog posts on social media, you can drive more traffic to your home page, resulting in more exposure and more sales.

So, what should you write about? Really, this depends on your business. If you have a local business, write about your area. Absolutely write about anything that pertains to your products. You can also write about businesses in general, like how to make your office greener or anything relating to being an employee. If you find something interesting and think your audience might too, go ahead and write about it. Writing about social media is also a great idea.

Let’s create an example. We’ll make up a hypothetical beauty salon located in Denver, Colorado. If this beauty salon had a blog, they would want to write about Denver, Colorado; beauty products; being a freelance beautician; beauty school; beauty salons; different beauty treatments; keeping your body healthy; being an employee; advertising, especially on social media; celebrities and their beauty treatments; budgeting; and more. When it comes down to it, don’t limit yourself. You’ll do better to keep it relevant most of the time, but it’s more important to have fun with it and be creative.

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